P&G joins first-ever cross-sector collaboration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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P&G is proud to have signed a cross-sector collaboration agreement to launch Flue2Chem – a programme intended to transform the sustainability of the UK’s consumer products industry and reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a demonstration scale.

We will work alongside 15 partners including the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) to develop a new value chain to convert industrial waste gases into sustainable materials for consumer products over the next two years. The goal is to seek to demonstrate how the UK could cut between 15 and 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year, in order to help accelerate progress towards net zero targets. As an organisation that is deeply committed to accelerating progress on Environmental Sustainability, P&G is proud to be involved in this consortium – leveraging our knowledge and expertise, as well as sharing valuable resources, in order to continue to innovate our approaches.

Commenting on the initiative, P&G’s Project Lead, Dr Linsey Fuller, Group Scientist, said: “P&G is delighted to be a part of the Flue2Chem project, conducting research into the cleaning performance of the surfactants that will be produced as part of this coalition. Surfactants are a major component in detergent products and are critical in delivering the superior performance that people expect. As the industry transitions towards more sustainable ingredients, utilising renewable resources in order to source surfactants with a lower carbon footprint is key."

“As an organisation, we will focus on performance benchmarking against the existing materials that are used within the industry today, evaluating the potential for the outputs of this project to be included in the future.”

Together, the consortium aims to enable the use of waste gases from foundation industries such as the production of metals, glass, paper and chemicals, in order to generate an alternative source of carbon for UK consumer product production.

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