The Secret Behind P&G Innovation? Unleashing the Power of People

At the heart of every great idea is a unique insight, perspective or experience.

As one of the largest consumer goods companies behind brands including Gillette, Pampers and Tide, Procter & Gamble (P&G) inspires innovation through a deep understanding and passion for solving consumers’ daily challenges. With more than 185 years of experience, P&G and its people make a meaningful impact in the lives of consumers by using insights to inform strategies, solve problems and engineer superior products.

P&G’s ongoing commitment to innovation has nurtured careers and propelled business growth. It has earned recognition as one of the Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies and America’s Most Innovative Companies in 2024. It is this very culture that fosters unique employee experiences and empowers employees with broad roles along their career paths, enabling the transformation of ideas into tangible impact.

Birds eye view of P&G employees sitting on stairs using their laptops.

Innovation is born from unique experiences

Amy Wiford, a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse turned Pampers Nurse Specialist, drew from her expertise to help develop Pampers Preemie Swaddlers, diapers designed for premature babies. When she unexpectedly gave birth to her son Theo prematurely, she found comfort in being able to use the diapers she helped design for him. Wiford’s experience as a NICU parent fueled her dedication to improving diaper designs for preemies, highlighting the profound impact of employee-driven innovation on neonatal care. Read the full story here.

Similarly, Maria Striemer, a P&G scientist, drew from her experience as a nurse specializing in medical devices and cardiac care to help deliver insights and connect consumers’ unmet needs to ergonomic advancements like we see with the Swiffer PowerMop, revolutionizing cleaning for greater ease and effectiveness. Inspired by her mother’s struggle with arthritis and her desire for a deep clean, Striemer was enthusiastic about being a part of the R&D team, bringing her expertise and passion to the project to create an all-in-one wet cleaning system with advanced technology to reach tight spaces. Swiffer PowerMop provides a mop-and-bucket clean without the heavy lifting or ringing out a mop, making mopping easier and more effective for consumers. Read about her contributions to the PowerMop innovation in the full story here.

Engineering your career path

True innovation thrives when curiosity is nurtured, and employees are empowered to experiment and learn new skills. At P&G, no career path is the same; employees are empowered to develop through a variety of unique career experiences. Through broad assignments in different parts of the business, mentorship programs and world-class learning and development from day one, employees are encouraged to explore, evolve and make an impact—all while growing their careers at P&G. Read the full story here.

Male P&G employee walking down hall in Tide t-shirt

This not only creates superior experiences for employees but also inspires innovation that creates superior experiences for consumers. The result? Industry game-changing innovation such as Tide evo and OLAY Super Serum. A new-to-the-world detergent, Tide evo takes the powerful cleaning formulas Tide is known for and transforms them into a dry, lightweight, solid form using P&G’s patented fiber technology. A beauty breakthrough from OLAY, the new Super Serum is a superpowered skincare innovation that includes activated niacinamide to deliver an unparalleled skin transformation.

Beyond creating the very best in cleaning technology and setting new skincare standards, these superior brand solutions mark another transformative step in the careers of P&G innovators. Behind every load of laundry cleaned with Tide, skin transformed by Olay, floor swept by Swiffer, or hair nourished by Pantene, there is a P&G innovator with great insight, growing a career at P&G.

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