Supporting Health Care Workers in China

Health care workers in China have been at the forefront of fighting the COVID-19 virus, forging new directions for others around the globe to follow. Working with long-time partners to provide both product donations and financial aid, our P&G China team donated more than RMB 19.47 million ($2.7 million US) to help Wuhan fight against Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia and the COVID-19 outbreak.

”We are not just donating products,” said Matthew Price, President of P&G Greater China. “We are giving to help medical workers so they can work. We are trying to help people of Wuhan who want to make a difference here in China at this very difficult time.”

The China team contributed to two vital P&G Partners: RMB 1MM for medical supplies to the Wuhan Municipal Charity Foundation; and RMB 1MM of Safeguard and Ariel products to the China Youth Development Foundation. Safeguard and Ariel also donated 30,000 packages of liquid hand soap, foaming hand soap and sanitiser to hospitals, fire departments and communities in the affected areas.

In support of those recovering from COVID-19, SK-II funded ventilators. Whisper donated adult incontinence pants and menstrual pads to support female doctors and nurses; 90% of nurses and more than 50% of doctors are women.

Other P&G China teams from Olay, Crest, Oral-B, Gillette and Braun, Head & Shoulders are actively supporting relief efforts and ensuring continued access to products — vital supplies to those who rely on to help maintain proper hygiene, personal health and healthy environments.

Our workforce has supported these relief efforts while implementing personal and plant safety procedures. Starting in January, P&G China had closed or significantly reduced operations throughout the country. Over the past few weeks, we have ensured we have the appropriate safety protocols in place in our offices and plants, allowing more employees to progressively and safely return to work.

Chinese worker