Showcasing the Best in STEM Innovation - where science and technology takes centre stage

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Every year humankind has always surprised us with new ideas and inventions that, seemingly unbelievable at first, have shaped the lives we live today. This year is no exception as we have seen scientific breakthroughs through painstaking research and development amid the biggest crises seen by generations. 2020 has shown what is born out of resilience, ingenuity and the human ability to innovate and pivot to ensure our survival.

As we enter a new year, we want to celebrate and showcase the role of STEM in our daily lives via the small but meaningful innovations which our P&G scientists and engineers are working on behind the scenes. Whether it’s ensuring we continue to provide our high quality brands to households, keeping production lines running or equipping entire workforces to work online as we continue to work from home - all of this is made possible through the tireless work of our STEM organisation. With STEM roles (such as Research & Development, Information Technology and Product Supply) make up 78% of our organisational units on average, it’s no wonder that the STEM workforce drives technology that powers our brands and grows our business.

Innovation has always been the life blood of P&G and it’s critical to drive sustained growth. In 2018, we invested $1.9 billion in R&D - a testament to its integral role in ensuring we are constantly providing the best solutions to the nearly five billion people around the world who rely on our products in their everyday life.

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COVID-19 has brought into sharp focus just how much our own health depends on the health of the planet, and vice versa. Everyday household products continue to improve our daily lives given we’re now spending more time than ever at home. Whether it’s doing laundry, washing the dishes or brushing your teeth – there is a team constantly working to ensure that we can create the best products possible to consistently innovate and meet household needs given our evolving circumstances.

Through our STEM Campaign, we’re bringing to life the people behind the innovations of our products to celebrate their work through a different lens. To do this, we’re showing how science, technology, engineering and innovation, combined with deep consumer understanding, are the backbone to every single product created at P&G.

Whether it’s working on product innovation, to managing our IT network, to being on the ground in a manufacturing plant, the role of P&G-ers is interconnected to make the quality products and services relied on by nearly 5 billion people around the world.

Operating in nearly 70 countries and reaching people through our brands in 180+ countries, we strive to represent the diversity of those we serve. With more than 140 nationalities represented in our workforce, our own diversity helps us reflect the people we serve and win with consumers around the world. No matter background, gender, race, culture, sexual orientation or disability, our STEM colleagues are united by the drive to constantly invent, improve and ensure that we remain best in class when it comes to innovation whilst keeping people and their homes at the heart of what we do.

That’s the P&G spirit - evident in our 180-year history to constantly evolve through the powers of science and technology, to make quality products and services now and for generations to come.

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