Many brands. One goal.

We're proud to bring some of the most trusted brands to nearly 70% of the global population. For each of our brands, we’re committed to offering superior performance and value with a smaller environmental footprint.   

We don't talk much about the sustainability behind our brands. We'd rather you focus on improving the health of your smile, the white of your laundry, the comfort of your family. But we do want you to know that behind the scenes, we are ensuring that at every touch point in the life-cycle of every product, we have included sustainability.

When you put a P&G product in your shopping basket, we'd like you to know it’s backed by a smaller footprint—and that we're working tirelessly to make it even smaller.

Our Brands: Making Your Footprint Smaller

We include sustainability into every aspect of our products—from initial design to manufacturing to packaging to social impact.

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Olay, along with our other Beauty Care brands, has reduced water usage by 12% since 2010.

Thanks to a special pump redesign, Olay is saving 800,000 tons of plastic a year.  

Olay diverts manufacturing waste from landfill, recycling it into waste-to-worth products, including leather conditioner.

Our Beauty Care plant in Ireland has reduced energy consumption by 12%, CO2 emissions by 16% by 2010.

Olay Total Effects product package

Ariel Cold Water

Ariel (and Tide - available in the US) give consumers a big opportunity to save energy in the home by turning down the temperature dial on every wash, using up to 50% less energy per load than warm washes.

Years of innovation and partnership collaboration helped deliver each product. Each is supported by ongoing advertising and in-store campaigns aimed at helping shoppers understand the sustainability value in cold-water washing—while still getting great performance.

Since 2010, washing in cold has increased from 38% to 53%; our aim is to have 70% of all wash loads done in cold water by 2020.

Arial and Tide product packages

Flash (globally known as Mr. Clean/Mr. Propre and Mastro Lindro)

While known by different names around the globe, Flash is known everywhere as an agent of clean. But it also stands for sustainability. The addition of Flash concentrated gel brought two innovations to the home.

First, it’s a 2.5x compaction, meaning same cleaning power, but in a smaller, concentrated bottle with 45% less packaging and 64% less water.

Second, the Flash team designed an award-winning cap, ensuring that consumers, not accustomed to concentrated formulas would not use too much and thus waste the product and lose value.

Mr. Clean Product Package