Birth of an Icon: Fairy

Fairy is Britain's number one dish-cleaning brand and has been a trusted household name since it first appeared in 1898 on a bar of soap. Today the brand represents a range of products renowed for their cleaning ability and caring nature with Fairy consistently bringing effective and innovate new formulas to the market.

In 1898 Fairy Soap was launched by Thomas Hedley & Sons in Newcastle and in 1930 Procter & Gamble acquired the brand the Fairy Baby 'Bizzy' Trademark. During the 1950s, most people used powders and crystals to wash dishes and it was Fairy that launched the first liquid product; Fairy Liquid. By the end of its first year, six out of 10 households in the UK had bought it. Today, the Fairy portfolio also encompasses detergents and additives, including the revolutionary Fairy Platinum, the first dual action dishwasher tablet that leaves dishes 'sparkling clean' while also maintaining dishwasher cleanliness by helping to prevent the build up of grease on dishwasher parts.

Fairy Baby 'Bizzy'

In 2010, Fairy Liquid celebrated its 50th anniversary with a limited edition version of the famous original white bottle and the return of Nanette Newman as the face of the campaign. We are very proud that in 2015, the British Brands Group named Fairy as one of the UK's Most Trusted Brands. And did You Know... that one bottle of Fairy Liquid washed 14,763 dirty plates - a world record. For the last 12 years Fairy has supported Make-A-Wish in the run up to Christmas as part of an integrated marketing partnership. Since the start of the partnership Fairy have donated over £1.2 million to help grant magical wishes.

In 2014 Fairy took on the challenge of breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest cake in support of the Make-A-Wish annual Bake-A-Wish fundraiser. The cake measured an enormous 12m x 10m and used 520kgs of flour and 8360 eggs! Fairy also washed up all 12,000 dirty plates with one bottle of Fairy!