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Latest Global Sustainability Stories

Innovating to lead

Long-term positive impact calls for creative ideas, commitment and partnership.

P&G partners with EDF RE to manufacture all Home Care products in the US and Canada with 100% wind power

P&G and EDF RE will be developing a new wind farm in Texas, USA to bring 100MW renewable power online, equivalent of eliminating 200,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year. The electricity generated will be enough to manufacture all North America and Canadian Fabric and Home Care products such as Tide, Downy, Febreze and Cascade – all with wind power. This new model supports more renewable electricity coming into existence via collaboration with major corporations and will generate extra power.

P&G and Constellation Announce One of Largest US Biomass Renewable Energy Plants

Earlier this year, P&G partnered with Constellation, a subsidiary of Exelon, for the development of an up to 50-megawatt biomass plant that will help run one of P&G’s largest U.S. facilities. The plant will significantly increase P&G’s use of renewable energy, helping move the company closer to its 2020 goal of obtaining 30% of its total energy from renewable sources.

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P&G Launches Work with Small Farmers to Ensure No Deforestation in Its Palm Oil Supply Chain

Separating sustainable sources from non-sustainable sources in the production of palm oil and palm kernel oil is highly complicated, but Procter & Gamble is stepping up to address the problem. The Company is conducting an in-field study to understand the practices of small farmers – and how those practices can be improved to protect local forests. Read more

Palm trees

Continued work to eliminate deforestation

P&G continues its efforts with the World Wildlife Fund and several industry leaders to develop stricter standards to protect forests touched by palm oil production.

P&G enters next stage in ensuring sustainable Palm Oil practices

After 6 months of work with suppliers, farmers, and external stakeholders, P&G taps experts for broader understanding and advice; then meets with top suppliers.

P&G sets new sustainability goal: no deforestation in its Palm Supply Chain

P&G announced an advancement in its global sustainability goals, declaring a commitment to no deforestation in its palm oil supply chain by improving practices with all its suppliers, including small local farmers, to ensure protection of forests.