Improving sustainability end-to-end

Our suppliers are critical to improving the environmental sustainability of our end-to-end supply chain. Our Environmental Sustainability Scorecard is designed to track improvement on key partner-related sustainability measures.

In 2010, P&G issued its first environmental sustainability supplier scorecard. The scorecard relies on accepted worldwide measurement standards and sound science, including protocols from the World Resources Institute, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and the Carbon Disclosure Project. P&G's goal in deploying the scorecard is to improve supply chain collaboration around environmental issues, and encourage the sharing of ideas and capabilities to deliver more sustainable products and services for our consumers.

The scorecard also proved to be an effective way to generate sustainable innovation ideas from our suppliers, 38% of whom submitted ideas in the first year.

In 2011, we issued a revised scorecard, incorporating supplier feedback from the prior year's process. Unlike the first year, when the scorecard was not mandatory to complete, the 2011 scorecard and those of subsequent years factor into a supplier's rating and affect its ability to do more business with P&G. Details on this open-source tool can be found at

In 2013-14, we digitized the Score Card, making data management more efficient and actionable. Our aim is to increase data collection and thus our ability to work with key strategic suppliers in reducing our collective environmental footprint.