Conserving our most precious resource

Water is crucial for the production and use of our products. This makes it essential for us to find every opportunity to conserve.

Reducing water use in manufacturing

We've redesigned our manufacturing processes and designed our new facilities to maximize our water usage, reducing wherever we can and recycling water wherever possible. Our R&D, Engineering, and Manufacturing teams continue to develop water-saving innovations in cleaning/sanitization and filtration/reuse. We also ensure that good ideas and success stories are shared around the globe to other teams. In Thailand and India, we're now using steam instead of water for cleaning and sanitation, cutting water use by more than 200%.

In Egypt, employees launched an "Every Drop Counts" program, reduced water usage by 29%, conserving over 22 million gallons/year. The plant focused on education and total employee involvement in everyday water conservation. They also implemented innovative technical solutions to reduce their incoming water pressure on key chillers and building water systems to reduce overuse.

We recognize that in every area we operate, we are part of a larger community; and we strive to make our presence a positive one

Water goals

Helping our consumers save water at home

We worked with one of our external partners for 3.5 years to create Downy Single Rinse for developing markets. While water is scarce in many of these areas, clean soft clothes remain highly prized by families and a point of pride for mums. With Downy Single Rinse, they get the results they want with just one rinse, using 30-50% less water per wash.

In the United States, Cascade Platinum ActionPacs clean stuck-on food in just one wash, with no prewash needed. This enables P&G to help consumers reduce their water use with every pot, plate or pan they put in the dishwasher. In fact, for each person that skips the pre-wash up to 2,600 gallons of water can be saved in a household per year.1 Cascade is working hard to educate consumers about skipping the pre-wash when using this unit dose product so that everyone can start saving water while doing their dishes.

Learn more about how we ensure the sustainable use of water by reading our Policy on Water.

1 Based on average of 12.5 gallons of pre-washing water used and average of 4 loads/week

Downy product