What is Triclosan?

Items made with triclosan

Triclosan is an antimicrobal ingredient that slows or stops the growth of germs such as bacteria and mildew. It is currently used in a wide variety of products—from hand soaps, to medical devices, to footwear, caulk, carpet, and many others. Currently, P&G only uses triclosan in antibacterial dish soap, professional hand soap, and a few personal care products.

Being safe

Triclosan has been used safely in consumer products for decades and has been extensively reviewed and permitted for use by regulatory agencies around the world.

Triclosan slows or stops the growth of bacteria.

Triclosan slows or stops the growth of bacteria that can cause harm, such as salmonella or E.coli.

Feeling safe

Although triclosan is known to be safe through numerous studies and regulatory reviews, there are ongoing discussions about how effective it is for reducing bacteria compared to regular soap. Due to our limited use of the ingredient, we have decided to eliminate triclosan from our products. We have eliminated triclosan from more than 99% of the products where it was used and have an exit plan for the few remaining uses.

For those who prefer triclosan-free products, if a product does contain triclosan, its presence will be disclosed on the product label.